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Landscaping Maintenance in Common Area
(Behind Homes)

Bettencourt Ranch (BCR) Homeowners Association has provided the following guidance on landscape maintenance behind homes in the Common Area to the Association Landscape Maintenance Vendor:

  • Trim common area shrubs two feet away from Homeowners' backyard fencing, which allows unimpeded access to walk along the fence line.
  • Clean debris from under all plants.
  • Trim shrubs down to four feet above grade unless it will cause irreparable harm to any shrubs. (Note: For the purpose of this guideline, shrubs are defined as multi-stalk plants.)
  • Clean trees up to six feet above grade including removing tree suckers and deadwood unless it will cause irreparable harm to any trees. (Note: For the purpose of this guideline, trees are defined as single stalk plants.)
  • The Association Landscape Maintenance Vendor must notify Howe Association Management, Inc. immediately if employees or contractors identify any possible safety issues or hazardous conditions in BCR in the course of landscape maintenance work activities within BCR.

Landscape maintenance behind homes is performed in the non-growing season during the first quarter of each calendar year.

Homeowners and residents who wish to have the Association Landscape Maintenance Vendor perform landscape maintenance in the areas behind their properties should make their requests using the new Common Area Maintenance Request form, linked here and also available on the Bettencourt Ranch Web site ( under "Forms." These requests need to be reviewed and approved before the Vendor will quote the cost required for any maintenance beyond the work specified above and will be billed to the Homeowner. Deliver the completed form and any attachments by electronic mail, USPS mail, or in person per the contact details at the bottom of the form.

Dog Owners,

Have you seen all new pet waste stations throughout Bettencourt Ranch? By popular request, the Board of Directors has approved and installed 10 pet waste stations for the convenience of dog walkers. These stations include bags for picking up pet waste and a receptacle for collecting the bags. As a courtesy to your neighbors (and health and safety of other pets, children, and contractors), please use the bags provided to clean up after your dog and deposit the soiled bags in the attached waste bin.



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