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Important Notice to Homeowners

It is the intent of the Newark Nantucket Cove Homeowners Association to maintain the general order of business of the Association and to control aesthetic, comfort and convenience aspects of community living at Nantucket Cove. To that end, the regulations that follow have been adopted and compliance is required of all members:

Parking Rules

Homeowners, please be aware that there is no street parking within the private cul-de-sacs at Nantucket Cove. Any cars parked anywhere other than designated parking will be towed without warning.

Dumpster Rules

  1. All Refuse must be placed inside the dumpster, not in the enclosure surrounding the dumpster or on top of the dumpster covers.
  2. The dumpster must not be overfilled. It is considered overfilled when the trash inside is above the waterline of the dumpster, or when the dumpster cover does not rest on the top of the dumpster when closed.
  3. All boxes must be flattened before being placed inside the dumpster.
  4. All disposable diapers must be placed in plastic trash bags which are sealed (twist-tie, knot, etc.) before being placed inside the dumpster. It is also suggested that all household trash be placed in sealed plastic trash bags before being placed inside the dumpster.
  5. The dumpster is for household trash only. All large items including but not limited to furniture, lumber, plywood, landscape refuse, trees (including Christmas trees) must not be placed in the dumpsters or in the dumpster enclosures. The Association will arrange for special dumpsters at Christmas time for disposing of Christmas trees. The disposal of all other large items is the responsibility of the individual resident.
  6. All residents are responsible for their own messes. Refuse which does not make it into the dumpster must be cleaned up by the resident immediately.
  7. The enclosure gates are to remain closed and secured and the dumpster lids are to remain shut at all times.

Failure to comply with the above parking and dumpster rules may result in a $50 fine for a first offense, $100 fine for second offense and $200 fine for third or future offenses.





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